Not The Same Anymore
Amit Machamasi (Nepal)

Over my lifetime, I’ve seen the land structure around my residence change with commercialization. The transformation has costed the traditional agricultural base of my hometown, gradually given way to an expanding urban fabric.

Earlier the aroma of petrichor and the sound of rustling leaves use to be the two particular things that I use to hear as I open my eyes every morning. Now it has been totally eradicated by the pungent smell of chemicals and smoke puffed by brick kilns nauseating my soul.

Farms which earlier was the second home for peasants rearing and caring their crops has been bulldozed by buildings and land for other commercial purpose.

Though the change is evident and cities has to transform with time but the indigenous quality of the land has degraded haphazardly. The increasing number of brick kilns and plotting of land has faded the ambience of my hometown, Sipadol, Bhaktapur doesn’t remains the same anymore.

Not Same Anymore depicts the story of how my hometown, Bhaktapur, became the victim of unplanned urbanization. Once the city of farmers and their fields, my hometown has now changed into hive of brick kilns and plotting of lands. With rapid population growth and commercialization, the city once I knew has been completely transformed and I believe that after 10 years maybe this place will be nothing but a concrete jungle.


Amit Machamasi is a photojournalist and a visual artist with a profound passion for storytelling. Born and raised in Bhaktapur, his photojournalism journey commenced with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism.