No Man Land

Phong Nguyen


The project No Land Man is about rising demands for property in the city Hoi An and my own need to settle down as a migrant who has dwelled here for nearly 11 years.

No Land Man is a visual protest against real estate signboards that are mushrooming in every corner of Hoi An and the surrounding areas. As Hoi An becomes more well known, real estate prices also soars, resulting in an unreal land craze, unreal wealth, and an unreal residential area half megacity, half countryside, where values are turned upside down.

No Land Man is the dull cry of a human being who has lived in restlessness and uncertainty. A person who has left his birthplace but is yet to call Hoi An home. A true man in exile, subject to the rules of the game of land, housing and settlement.

No Land Man at the same time offers a moment of empathy to those who are also struggling to find a place of residence where constant anxieties of a tenant are no longer present.


Phong Nguyen is a photographer, photobook collector and owner of Jack’s Cat Cafe in Hoi An.