Landscapes for the Attempt
Denis Serrano (Mexico)

This seies is a critical approach to suicide prevention, exploring the implementations of image manipulation techniques in urban transport, which some cities in the world (mainly Mexico, Japan and Canada) use as persuasive methods to prevent people from jumping in the last moments, mainly wall-size photographs of landscapes and animals, warm-blue lighting sets, mirrors, space layout, music, etc. In studies on the subject, there are still no conclusive results in favor of these techniques in comparison with campaigns aimed at destigmatizing suicide and addressing the causes that precede it. So these images are an indication, a pretext and a position to open discussions about mental health care, which leans towards the male image, the population that represents the majority of suicides, which is worth exploring as a sign. of emotional castration based on the macho culture.


Hello! I am Denis Serrano, I live and work in Mexico City. I am a Designer and Visual Communicator from the Faculty of Arts and Design, UNAM, as well as the author of artistic projects, which involve the use of photography as the main vehicle; However, I am also interested in exploring and researching other forms of expression. I am the founder of