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Jati Adam

Arjuna Asa (Indonesia)

This project tells the story of our queer friend, Jati Adam, who have to perform his identity as expected and scripted by dominant societal norms, which is to born and to be “the fullest masculine man”. While struggling to fulfil the expectation, he never thinks that he only has one identity within himself(s) and that he always discovers new identity(ies) in his journey of life.

This project is a re-construction of his stories about discovery and struggles that Jati Adam has to face in his societal upbringing. For Jati Adam, making this art story is one of his way to reconstruct and “make alive” of his identities that cannot be shown in the oppressive publics in his life. We adopt a culturally specific visual language from his upbringing as well adopting local and western mythology and to reconstruct his stories.

Photographed, directed, produced by Arjuna Asa
Co-directed and Art direction by Khalik Arif Thahara and Jati Adam
Production assisted by Yulia Permatasari
Lighting assisted by M. Tubagus Rizky
Characters played by Khalik Arif Thahara
Set designed and decorated by Isyana Gita Prameswari & Khalik Arif Thahara
Make Up Artist and Effect by Salya Benaza
Stylist by Elena Natanael Santoso
Hair Stylist by Jovita Liana Dewi
Mentor and consultation with Djoyosantyo Joachim from Panna Future Talents 2022


Arjuna Asa is a conceptual and portrait photographer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Starting his photographic journey in 2014, he then believed that photography is one of the powerful mediums to tell stories. His works explore issues regarding intersection of identities, melancholy of life, as well as the unspeakable emotions. He often uses techniques such as reconstructing images and digital manipulations to achieve stories and ideas.

IG: @arjuna.asa