Ali Monis Naqvi (India)

Jahan invokes the artist’s search for home beyond a physical location. In Goa – his current location – as well as his other travels, he continues to look for traces of memories of a home in Chamanganj that he left at the age of 17. Jahan is a tribute to his grandmother who passed away in the winter of 2020 due to Covid. It is in remembering her that Ali realises that home is neither located in a location or a physical structure but in the people who fill up those spaces.


Born in Kanpur, 1995, Ali Monis Naqvi is an artist currently based out of Goa. His work is often about the unseen in our daily lives. The underlying theme in his personal work is about his relationship with the spaces he has grown up in and all the other locations he is travelling to–with a subtle commentary on the political climate in India.

British Journal of Photography nominated Ali in their ‘15 most promising emerging photographers’ Ones to Watch edition in 2023.

Ali’s work has been published in The Caravan, Berlingske-Denmark, Vogue, Kapital-Slovakia, and Weekendavisen, to name a few.