> Words: shouted, blabbered, shattered in between the walls

In The Room

Animikh Chakrabarty, India

Amidst the pandemic of covid 19, social distancing has created paranoia, suspicion and overall break in human connections. “In the room” tries to look into a space which is against this new normal. The room is filled with stories which might not always be the truth, but is metaphorical to it. The room brings out personalities which might not always be normal into the society, it’s filled with absurd events, surroundings and tales that goes beyond the acceptable reality of everyday. Perhaps, the room, and everything around it, is a microcosm of the violent, fable like existence of the society which constantly changes its definition of normal. The room defies the normal, embraces a frenzy and people in it presents their identities as per their realities. Being with a camera often distances one from the situation, creating a wall, a disconnection, I have constantly tried to move beyond this barrier.


Animikh Chakrabarty is a resident of Kolkata, India. After finishing his master degree in Film Studies from Jadavpur University, Kolkata on 2019, Animikh has started seriously pursuing the form and language of Photography. With mostly the Internet and fellow photography enthusiast friends and books, he is still trying to settle on his style and method. Animikh is immensely interested in the form of visual storytelling and not just mere singular photographs, or recent commercially fed idea of a “beautiful photo”.He is learning things every day, step by step and it has been a method of revelation, of connecting with his feelings, exploring spaces and characters in the process. Animikh is an enthusiast of cinema and student of visual medium.