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Hamoun (A life in front of you)

Tahmineh Monzavi (Iran)

Hamoun lake (Lake Hāmūn), once the biggest sweet water lake, and the second largest lake in Iran, has been almost completely dry all year round for the last couple of decades. Located in the Sistan region on the Afghanistan–Iran border, water from its main tributary has been blocked by dam projects in Afghanistan. Inhabitants usually change the place of their life with dryness of water because they want to live close to the water. This is the reason that they are exist there.


Tahmineh Monzavi was born in Tehran, Iran in 1988. Monzavi started her career as a photographer as a teenager. She concentrated on social dilemmas in her documentary photography series. Women issues were her main consideration. She has directed a feature length documentary film about a Shelter for addicted women in Tehran in 2010-2012. Monzavi’s work has been exhibited extensively nationally and internationally, including Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), Literature Museum of Georgia, Maxxi museum of Roma, Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris(National Museum of Modern Art in Paris). She lives and works in Tehran, Iran.