Thi My Lien Nguyen


Gathering: 14 January 2023 (Time TBA)
Venue: Chocolate Garden (Siem Reap)

Gatherings brings people together to share a meal, while trying to let go, putting emphasis on being in the moment without planning everything step-by-step. The artist collaborates with communities to create a Gathering.

Not planning is essential for a Gathering, allowing all participants to take part in the process of creating a Gathering from the very beginning. The essence of the piece is to establish a group dynamic which puts the collective first, trying to put together a meal to share together afterwards.

The artist functions mainly as a mediator and initiator, while at the same time builds a platform and possibilities to cook, to share, to feel included.

This artist and event is generously supported by Pro Helvetia New Delhi.

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Artist Biography

Thi My Lien Nguyen is a Swiss-Vietnamese photographer and artist based in Switzerland. Her artistic practice deals with the feeling and understanding of belonging and the sense of home, whereas she is strongly interested in diasporic and post-migrant stories. While questioning our way of living together and how we can create more inclusive spaces and therefore build more trust, she aims to create more understanding and representation between communities through inclusive and participatory methods – working with traditions, rituals, folklore, food culture and its social impact.