Fragrant Harbour

Todd R. Darling


3 - 18 December 2019
Venue: Strangefruit&Jam Gallery (Village Cafe)

Fragrant Harbour’ is a collaborative portrait project that memorialises Hong Kongersstruggle for an identity while highlighting the social issues the city’s inhabitants face. Individually,the portraits and text may tell a simple story about daily life or address larger issues such as universal suffrage or inequality, but as a whole they tell a nuanced story about Hong Kong and her people.

The process for making the photos is a collaborative one. I suggest that the people I photograph consider what they want to say about their lives and select a place significant to them as the setting for the portrait. I scout the location and attempt to create an image there that reflects the character of the person and the idea they want to communicate so that the text and the photograph work off of each other to enhance the final piece. The final step includes making the print in my studio and meeting with the participants so they can add their text to the print.



Todd R. Darling is an American documentary photographer based in Hong Kong for sixteen years, where he began his career photographing the Umbrella Movement for Polaris Images in 2014. He studied Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism at the International Centre of Photography and the Eddie Adams workshop XXX in 2017. Todd recently completed work on a documentary project that began in 2016, about Paterson NJ. The project, inspired by local poet William Carlos Williams, is a lyrical interrogation of the American dream told through the singular experience of America’s first industrial city. He’s currently documenting the anti-extradition protests in Hong Kong and studying at the Savannah College of Arts and Design.