> Even though the whole world is burning

Fragile Fragments

Vinita Barretto, India

I struggle between past and constant trial to maintain present sanity. Sense of confusion, bewilderment and hatred toward oneself that you have lost everything. Marked by decadence of professional and personal failure flourishes a mind full of self doubt and low confidence. Since I started making photographs things around me have become like mirror. I see myself slowly shedding my skin. Its a quiet introspection. I know its going to take a while, but the process is very worth every bit.

Here is where I shall mend
It’s here I shall heal,
Here is where my demons lie,
Search my innocence in here
I come to falter, and rise
Learn to embrace what is
Home is where I learn to let go,it’s where I belong…

Just like a child who wonders and then finally gets home empty handed. Wanting to be found again. Home is where I comfort and lay still. Father suffers from acute depressions and bi polar since years. Home is where he finds comfort too. No matter how much she suffered , mother holds the family together with a big smile even now. The pets around play a vital role in keeping the balance, mostly keeping the scene light. Home is mother.


Vinita Baretto resides in a tiny, secluded village in Goa, India where she spends most of her time taking care of her parents and their pets. Inspired by everyday life, Vinita finds solace in capturing the most mundade and delicate details of life. After several years of doing odd jobs, she now decisively dedicates all her time to refining her craft. Her work has been shown at Hyderabad Photo Festival 2018 , Better Photography Magazine , and the Matador Network.