> Words: shouted, blabbered, shattered in between the walls

Effortless Effort (2020)

Abir Shome, Bangladesh

How can an effort become effortless? Thus the title of this work is a lie. The statement ‘something is a lie’ is actually a truth. As, because the proposition is true. Sometime doing nothing is better than doing anything, just like the time we are passing by. What I showed in the work is actually the stuff I was watching lately. I just became a mirror and reflected my surrounding. So, I am actually nothing or I might be everything. This work is so effortless, that it’s hard for me put any effort to explain it further.


Abir Shome is a Dhaka-based Bangladeshi artist.

Born in 1988, Dhaka, he completed his Bachelor in Fine Arts from Dhaka University Faculty of Fine Arts in drawing and painting. Soon after his graduation he was enrolled at Goldsmiths, University of London in BA Fine Arts but after a few months he left the course. In 2015 he self-published a book titled In Dhaka or The last days of Sodom. He was a member of the collective OGCJMart from 2011 to 2015. He is a joint recipient of Subir Chowdhury Practice Grant 2015, Bengal Foundation. In 2017 Abir was nominated as a fellow to participate in ChobiMela IX. In 2018, Delhi based gallery Blueprint12 featured Abir’s works in the India Art Fair. Abir is a multidisciplinary artist. Drawing, Text, Video, Installation, Animation, Internet based arts are the major focuses of his practice.

He is currently working as a Creative Visualizer & Curatorial Assistant in Bengal Arts Programme, Bengal Foundation.