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Educational Scenario

Fajri Azhari, Indonesia

In 2015, The Indonesian Government set the 12-year compulsory education policy to improve their quality of human resources for the development in the economic and political sectors. However, in 2019, the National Team for the Acceleration of Poverty Reduction (TNP2K) recorded, more than 4 million children couldn’t attend school because of poverty.

I studied at a school designated by the Government education program. Wearing a nice white shirt with a tie, I used to go to my school just like a worker dress up for office early in the morning. Eight hours class per day or even more with no free time, trying hard getting the highest score just to make appealing to teachers, as if we’re all on a run, competing with each other. Those who think they have higher capabilities flock together.

School just scores students by numeric values in order to live on the parent’s expectancy of getting “stable jobs”, either as a doctor, state civil apparatus, or civil servant. Hence, What happens to those who are ‘weak’ for the system?

Teachers’ are also trapped by the system. They just follow the curriculum, which periodically changes, dependent on students’ succession rate of national exams. The problem has been addressed numerous times, but the resolution has never come by. 

Nevertheless, the school still gives a lot of stories and memories.

This is my High school diary.


Fajri Azhari (2001) comes from Bukittinggi, West Sumatra. Inspired by his elder brother, Fajri started to develop an interest in photography in high school. Immersing himself in the world of photography, Fajri joined a workshop under Sore Rabu Project to learn more about photography. His work was nominated for Best Photos Story in the workshop. Currently, he is studying at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts in Yogyakarta, with a major in Photography and wishes to become a professional photographer in the future. Fajri’s photography works were exhibited in Insumatra Photo Fest (2019), JMMK#11(2019), Hiatus (2019), SPF (2019), Gulung Tukar (2019), IMDI (2020), VISION20/20 (2020), RonaRana19 (2020).