Natthaya Thaidecha (Thailand) & Daniel Huete (Spain)

Where does light escape? Does it settle between the crests and troughs of shadows?

Eclipse is a journey of finding light in the midst of darkness. It is one chapter of a long journey where Natthaya Thaidecha and Daniel Huete collectively attempt to face their intrinsic, traumatic memories –– ones about death and uncertainty, pain and fear, that live in their subconscious. Connecting moments that exist in different times and places through a single voice, Eclipse symbolizes momentary darkness. It also stands for the inseparable continuity of life and death as a cycle.

Besides existing as a short film, Eclipse also takes the form of a photobook.


Natthaya was born in Bangkok, Thailand, in 1994. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Cinema and Digital Media in 2016, Bangkok, Thailand and began photography in 2019. Her recurring topics are her relationship with memory, religion, and death. Natthaya is a member of Bad Eyes Collective and is currently based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Daniel Huete (b.1989) is a photographer from Palma de Mallorca, Spain. His work encompasses a range of mediums, including text, sound, photographs, video and forms such as films and photo-books. His work is deeply rooted in his own lived experiences and his relationship with the world around him. Currently based in Bangkok, Thailand, Huete is a member of Bad Eyes Collective.