Dream Away

Hoang Cao


I start working on this series after the very first real talk with my dad in 2019.
The project is a fully artificial memory, a product of my own subconsciousness. I want to investigate why I need my dad and look through my imagination of having him.

Family photos have been used as memorabilia and as a way of representing reality. I was born after the war and live in a time when people have the privilege to think about and build their own past to fit different purposes, as in the case of retro fashion, film photography, or subidy period-styled cafes.

With these snapshots, I use the film stimulation feature in my digital camera to reconstruct memories I have never had with my dad, and by doing so, go through my past suffering.

I will be dreaming away until my dad’s absence shrinks. No matter what I do, he is part of my history, and thoughts about having a dad will always follow me. Perhaps I don’t need my dad, I need an ideal of him that can never be real.


Cao Nguyen Huy Hoang is a senior at Gia Dinh high school.