Daughter of the Earth
Abinaya Kalyanasundaram (India)

Our bodies are the primary vessel through which we navigate this world. Our first home. But how much do we consider it so? ​

Diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, I began to see my body as a record-keeper of all the experiences I have ever lived. It was telling me it needs to release the suppressed emotions and toxins poisoning it from within. It was telling me it is time to start journeying back… to the rhythms of the Earth. Of rising with the sun, and consorting with the soil. Of restoring the micro-forests in my gut with seeds from the Earth. The human body has a primal connection with the Earth… with sunlight, with the texture of grass, with foods that are whole, with water and with breathing air. With human touch and community and connection.

In this body of work, I explore the human body as a complex ecosystem in itself, a part of the larger ecosystem of the Earth. And how I am nurturing my body’s ancient biological connection, as a daughter of the Earth.


Abinaya Kalyanasundaram is a visual artist, writer, poet and editor based in India. Since childhood, she has nurtured a deep connection with the Earth, her most intimate muse for her works. She has worked with publications such as The New Indian Express, Sanctuary Asia, The Kodai Chronicle, and Mongabay India and is currently working at the Indian Institute of Science.