> Words: shouted, blabbered, shattered in between the walls

Cosmology of Confinement

Lee-Marie Sadek, Lebanon

Créteil 03-25-2020

It’s been a week that I am in confinement like all the people living on this planet. Between yesterday and today I had made some pictures that are inspired by this claustrophobic situation. So I decided to begin working on a photographic diary following this first attempt. How my imagination will conceive this confinement day after day? Or better, how this confinement will affect my imagination/vision day by day? Through this diary I will try to answer this question in its duality.


Lee-Marie Sadek was born in Beirut – Lebanon in 1977. He wanted to be a graphic designer in the purpose to design CD booklets and posters. In 1995 Sadek went to Brussels for two years to study Typography and Graphic Design at La Cambre (school of visual arts in Brussels). He returned to his country after that and had his degree in Mass Media-Publicity at the Lebanese University. In 2001 Sadek moved to France where he lives now, and had his master degree in Communication-Publicity. Then he dropped his studies out of interest, but the passion to produce an image turned him naturally towards photography. In 2012 Sadek had his degree in Fine Arts – Photography at the University of Paris 8.
Sadek’s work is divided between fine arts photography and documentary. He considers photography to be a personal expression but also a reflexion. His images are about concepts that question not only the subject (what is seen) but the photographer himself and the medium that is used to produce such concepts.