As She Calls Her Breath Back
Natthaya Thaidecha (Thailand)

"In this place where silence is her only ally. she is becoming something else. A desolate land is laying under her bare feet as she is walking to nowhere. The others around her are likewise moving aimlessly. They are not communicating or sharing emotions. Every step she is taking is an effort as if her legs are numb. The quiet breeze is touching her skin but she is not feeling it. There is no sense of time. An eternal dusk is covering the entire land, as far as her eyes can see. She doesn't know where to go nor where she is coming from."


Natthaya was born in Bangkok, Thailand, in 1994. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Cinema and Digital Media in 2016, Bangkok, Thailand and began photography in 2019. Her recurring topics are her relationship with memory, religion, and death. Natthaya is a member of Bad Eyes Collective and is currently based in Bangkok, Thailand.