The idea for creating this series was born after reading Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘Bolai’. I found inspiration in this story about a little boy, called Ain, and his attachment towards nature. Although the text became a starting point for my reflections, I did not want my images to simply illustrate it. So I invented a parallel world, which just indirectly correlates with the story. My story is about the dreams of every person to break away from inhibitions and fly off to a distant unknown, in search of his true identity.

These collages were made using magazine and postcard cuttings, discarded prints from the print shop, illustrations, photocopies, leaves and other material which I collected.


Riti Sengupta (b.1993) is a photographer based out of Calcutta, India. She graduated from the National Institute of Design, with a Master’s Degree in Photography (2018). As a student with a scholarship from

the Goethe-Institut, she was part of an exchange programme in 2016 at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig, Germany. She attended the Angkor Photo Workshops in 2019. In 2018, she received the Stanley Greene/NOOR Scholarship and was a finalist in the Invisible Photographer Asia Awards.

Riti’s work revolves around cultural narratives, identity, belonging and memory. She has developed a keen interest in editorial design and photobooks, alongside photography.