Aishwarya Arumbakkam



Ahp is a female, spirit character popular in Cambodian folklore and imagination. With the character of Ahp as a protagonist, this work explores the relationship between themes of horror and women, with particular relevance to Cambodia.

In Cambodia, the Khmer Rouge regime led to massive violence, resulting in genocide and repatriation. Even before that, historically, Cambodia has been a theatre for war due to constant invasions by more powerful neighboring kingdoms. As a recurring idea in the community’s mythical and psychological landscape, this work explores Ahp as a manifestation of a country’s violent history and the resulting psychological trauma.


Born in 1988, Chennai, India.
I’m a photographer and filmmaker interested in mythology, conservation and bookmaking. My engagement with Visual Arts started with design and filmmaking, followed by photography. I’m working on projects in India, Bangladesh and USA. For now, I’m based between Austin and Chennai.