A Vortex In Anmar
Ignacio Atkins (Panama)

Humanity was on the brink of extinction due to pollution, lack of oxygen, and solar storms that had made life on the red planet increasingly difficult. All global systems had collapsed, resources were dwindling, water was evaporating, and the population, along with animals and vegetation, was steadily declining. Faced with this desolate scenario, survivors began constructing spacecraft to save their civilization and seek a new home among the stars. But this divided them...

Some survivors became fixated on the idea of saving this planet, seeking ways to rectify all their irreversible errors. Hiding in the last metropolises, they attempted to adapt to a toxic environment that only led to their downfall. As a final act of hope, Anmar was built, a last human settlement, to provide a final chance for those who wished to save themselves before the end and could travel to a new planet.

Jal, who had survived the catastrophe while trying to save his loved ones, decides to embark on a journey to Anmar. He had lost everything: family, friends, and home. Blinded by false hope, he had witnessed everything succumbing to chaos, something he had foreseen. Alone, terrified, and burdened with guilt, he then decides that it is time to leave the place he once called home, but on his journey, he would encounter an internal struggle between letting go or holding onto this place.


Ignacio Atkins is a Panamanian photographer with indigenous roots whose passion for art and nature has led him to explore and experiment in various creative areas from a young age. His curiosity and love for everything around him have shaped his artistic vision. Ignacio decided to take on a new challenge and traveled to Barcelona in 2021 to study photography at Grisart International School of Photography. Currently, he is immersed in photographic projects and exploring visual storytelling