Marcos Azulay (Argentine)

In a culture where we often turn our backs on death, viewing it as a defeat of the medical system, and where euthanasia is seen as a possible solution, San Camilo Hospice proposes a society in which no one should face the end of life in abandonment and without comprehensive human care.

Since its establishment in 2002, San Camilo has become a cornerstone of hospice care in Argentina, assisting more than 2000 people with a life expectancy of less than six months, and accompanying relatives and friends without any ethnic, cultural, or religious discrimination.

Inspired by the spirit of Mother Teresa, it pays special attention to those who lack economic resources or family support. Services are provided free of charge and are supported by donations and the voluntary work of 200 volunteers.


Marcos Azulay, born in Argentina in 1971. Studies Graphic Design in Buenos Aires University, UBA, where he works as a university teacher in design and morphology.

In 2002, starts developing digital art. He studies photography basics in university, and completes his studies in the National Photography School of Argentina, ENFO.