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33 Days

Sithu Santosh (Myanmar)

Starting five days after the military junta forcibly deposed the recently elected members of the country’s ruling party, this series follows Sithu Santosh over the course of 33 days on the streets of Myanmar as he witnessed the unfolding of the resistance to military rule, and the people’s call for a return to democracy.

All of these photos were taken in secret. Soon after protests began, the military junta began attacking and arresting journalists and photographers, including raiding their homes at night. Four journalists have been killed since the coup began, 143 have been arrested, and till today, 42 remain imprisoned. Till today, photojournalists in Myanmar have to photograph in secret. Many have had no choice but to leave their country. 

Myanmar‘s photojournalists need a lot of help, and international organizations should help.


Santosh Sithu is a freelance multimedia journalist formerly based in Yangon, Myanmar.

He joined the media industry in 2016. And then worked as a freelance photographer for local and international clients since 2019 and get published in famous publications like TIMES, The New Yorker, Washington Post, etc.

In 2019, he received a Diploma in journalism from the Myanmar journalism institute.

IG: @sithu.santosh