Angkor Photo Workshops


Angkor Photo Workshops

The core of our event, the annual Angkor Photo Workshops is a free workshop for emerging Asian photographic talents, focused on nurturing each individual’s unique vision and approach to the medium of photography.

In today’s world, where the commercialisation of education is fast becoming the dominant model, we believe it is important for us to remain an affordable option for those seeking access to professional education and development.

Being tuition-free helps minimize economic obstacles faced by potential participants, while also allowing us to reach out to a wider community. As dedicated volunteers who waive their professional fees, our tutors play a big role in keeping us non-commercial.

Each year, 30 participants are selected by our tutors from our open call; selections are based on ability and in the spirit of meritocracy. The workshop takes place in Siem Reap over an intensive week, during which they each conceptualize, photograph, and edit a complete photo story.

This is followed by participation in our festival programme with portfolio reviews, artist talks and discussions, culminating in a showcase of all photo stories on the last night of the festival.



Being a part of the workshops was probably one of the best things that happened to me… we were given an environment where we could go deep into our work, discover our unique vision for photography, and forge strong bonds with mates from all around Asia.

– Sean Lee (Singapore) 2007 Alumni

“The feeling of togetherness during the festival, heightened by the extremely warm family of organizers along with the shocks and splendors of Cambodia makes this workshop one of the most memorable events of my life.

– Soham Gupta (India) 2013 Alumni

“It was the first-ever photography workshop I ever attended and I am honored and lucky it had to be with Angkor. I saw photography in a different light and how grueling the process can be and how, in the end, utterly fulfilling it is to finish a project. It was a huge help to me as an aspiring young photographer.

– Gisela Marcelang (Philippines) 2013 Workshops

“One of the things I am sure everyone will walk away with from the festival experience is working outside our own comfort zone. I did and it was very rewarding. I value the critical push from my tutors a lot because, towards the end of the workshop, I have reflected meaningfully on my photography practice and how I could navigate myself going forward.”

– Dat Vu (Vietnam) 2017 Alumni

“Participating in Angkor has been one of the best experience for me throughout the years, as I put myself among a group of talented fellows and experienced tutors. The words “innovation” and “vision” were showed perfectly during the workshop, every talk and discussion between us became a brainstorming and self-improving session. The workshop will definetly make a big impact on my future photographic career.

– Wu Hao (China) 2017 Alumni