ADAGP: Protecting photographers’ rights

Jan 25, 2019 | 15th Edition (2019), News & Happenings

For our 13th and 14th Edition, we were grateful to receive the support of ADAGP for the second year. A non-profit artists’ rights association founded in 1953, ADAGP currently represents more than 62,000 photographers around the world and works to ensure the proper collection and distribution of their royalties and rights.

Take a look at their website to learn more about their efforts, and do consider participating in their image bank!

Photographers, be aware of your rights and get your royalty safely and easily   

ADAGP is the French royalty collecting and distribution society in the field of graphic and visual arts. Supported by a global network of almost 50 sister companies, it currently represents more than 130,000 artists in all disciplines of visual arts: painting, sculpting, photography, architecture, design, comic strips, manga, illustrating, street art, digital creation, video art etc.

ADAGP manages all the property rights held by artists (resale right, reproduction right, right of public communication, collective rights), for all modes of use: books, media, advertising, merchandise, auctions, gallery sales, television, video on demand, websites, user sharing platforms etc.

More than 62,000 photographers from all around the world, are represented by ADAGP, which collects and distributes their royalties and rights to strengthen authors’ rights in France, Europe, and worldwide. Subscribing to an authors’ rights association is the only way to receive the collective rights due to you (private digital copying, reprography, cable broadcast, public lending, etc.). You may also receive royalties if your original photographic prints are resold (droit de suite).
Membership costs €15.24 with no annual contribution. ADAGP’s management fees are 10% for collective rights. Join them and get your fair dues.

Participate in their image bank to promote your works:

Join now! 

For all information concerning membership requirements, please see the “Sign up to ADAGP” page on or write to

ADAGP Membership Agreement Artist Form > [PDF DOWNLOAD]

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