Over the years, we have been encouraging informal and casual sessions between photographers during the festival. These sessions, ranging from simple sharing of new work to in-depth peer reviews, have been so useful and well-received that it has now become an invaluable part of the festival.

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For the second year, the festival organised a series of portfolio reviews for all visiting photographers. Offered completely free-of-charge for six days, it was an invaluable opportunity for photographers to have their work reviewed and critiqued by industry professionals. All our portfolio reviewers graciously accepted the invitation to be a part of our reviewers panel, and we are most grateful to them for volunteering their time and expertise.


For six afternoons, the floor was open to all photographers to present new work, introduce their recently-published photobooks, or to launch discussions on photography-related topics. Sessions included presentations by Cambodia’s Ruom Collective, the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive, veteren war photographer Patrick Chauvel, as well as by numerous visiting photographers.


For the first time, we were glad to have with us the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive, who generously brought over 50 books from their collection for festival visitors to browse and read. A big thank you to the founder Daniel Boetker Smith and Bella Capezio for being a part of the festival!


  • Patrick Chauvel, Photographer – France
  • Andrea Star Reese, Photographer – USA
  • Brian Sokol, Photographer – USA
  • Che Ahmad Azhar, Photographer – Malaysia
  • Daniel Boetker Smith, Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive – Australia
  • Harald Menk, Photo Editor, Stern Magazine – Germany
  • Jean Loup Pivin Revue Noire – France
  • John Vink / Magnum Photos, Photographer – Belgium
  • Marco Wiegers, Noordelicht Photo Festival – Netherlands
  • Mike Greenlar, Photographer, Light Work – USA
  • Munem Wasif / Agence VU, Photographer – Bangladesh
  • Nicolas Righetti, Photographer – Switzerland
  • Paolo Patrizi, Photographer – Italy
  • Pascal Martin Saint Leon, Revue Noire – France
  • Will Baxter, Photographer – USA
  • Yusuf Sevincli, Photographer – Turkey
  • Zalmai, Photographer – Switzerland/Afghanistan