2016 Guest Curator



We are pleased to present the 2016 Guest Curator Showcase of our 12th Edition.
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zizola_hinterseer-portrait2016 Guest Curator: Claudia Hinterseer

Claudia Hinterseer is a Senior Multimedia Producer at China Daily Asia with over 16 years of experience working in the field of visual storytelling around the world. Through founding and running her own international documentary photography agency NOOR, she developed a thorough understanding of the media and photography worlds. At the same time, she became involved in photojournalism development and education through her career at the World Press Photo foundation.

Claudia – currently based in Hong Kong – regularly runs multimedia workshops for the Asia News Network and is often invited as jury member, lecturer and reviewer at multimedia events. She has an academic background in Visual Anthropology.

Curator’s Statement


Documentary photography is a powerful medium to both celebrate nature and scrutinise the massive human impact on our environment. This showcase of 15 documentary photo projects for the 2016 Angkor Photo Festival makes the large-scale degradation of our natural habitat and the endangerment of its species visible while juxtaposing it with close-ups and zoom-outs of intact nature and photo projects about human needs and habits.

By bringing together the work of some world-renowned documentary photographers including Ingo Arndt, Daniel Beltrá, Edward Burtynsky, Alejandro Durán, Chris Jordan, Daesung Lee, Kadir van Lohuizen, Maskbook project, Paolo Marchetti, Peter Menzel, Simon Norfolk, Joel Sartore, Henk Wildschut and Li Zhiguo my point is to show that the way and the speed at which we’re altering the world’s flora and fauna is stunning and unsustainable.

– Claudia Hinterseer (2016)

Showcase: December 8th, Thursday


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