Claudia Hinterseer presents ‘We Alter Nature’

Nov 22, 2016 | 12th Edition (2016), 2016 Festival Programme, Articles & Resources

Claudia Hinterseer ‘We Alter Nature’

Climate refugees - Bangladesh A mother and her daughter at Bainpara, their former village. Some houses remain, most were swallowed by cyclone Alia. After the water receded the water never returned to its old levels. Due to cyclone Aila which hit Bangladesh in May 2009, still 60,000 people are displaced in the district Dakop. This is almost the total population of Dakop. The cyclone hit the area with a surge of 10 meters and the water since then has hardly receded; due to this people lost their land and therefor their means of living. Bangladesh presently has a total of 6,5 million displaced due to floods and the rising of the sea level.

© Kadir van Lohuizen

From eroding coastlines to the food we put on our plate, the Angkor Photo Festival’s 2016 Guest Curator Claudia Hinterseer has put together a collection of documentary photography to showcase how We Alter Natureas humans, and the oftentimes destructive and unsustainable effects humans have on the environment.

As an annual part of the festival programme, each year we invite a leader of the photographic community to present a carte blanche showcase during an evening of projections. The founder of NOOR agency, Claudia Hinterseer has extensive experience in the field of visual storytelling, and is currently China Daily Asia’s Senior Multimedia producer.

What I hope for with the screening of ‘We Alter Nature’ is for people that get a chance to see it to reflect on the issues depicted, celebrate the beauty of our natural environment and enjoy the quality of the photography,” said Hinterseer.


© Daesung Lee

Festival Director Jean-Yves Navel highlighted the shared commitment between the festival and Hinterseer’s showcase towards environmental issues: “Since we started the GreenLight Series project in 2014, we are always looking for ways to further the Angkor Photo Festival & Workshops’ engagement with environmental topics and issues. We are really fortunate therefore to have Claudia Hinterseer and her showcase whose emphasis is on the environment and people’s relationship with nature. We hope that this will engage the audience at the exhibition and highlight an ever growing aspect of the APFW.”

For More: Curator’s Statement, Biography & Artist List



‘We Alter Nature’:
Dates: 6.00pm, 8 December 2016
Venue: Festival Zone (Field by Amansara)


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