2020 Talks in Cyberspace

16th Edition Programme

Offset Projects x Angkor Photo Festival

What better way to prepare us for this year’s digital edition than to have an evening with Anshika Varma, our workshop alumna and founder of Offset Projects!

She will host a conversation between two of our invited guest curators,  Dennese Victoria and Swastik Pal, delving into the act and experience of curating the works of 24 photographers for their showcase “Even Though The Whole World is Burning“, to be screened online during the Opening Night of the festival.

Offset Projects works to create channels of engagement in photography and book-making through artist talks, workshops, residencies, curated reading rooms and collaborative exercises in publishing. The Offset Library offers a diverse collection of photobooks from the South Asian region (India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Burma, Pakistan and Sri Lanka) from young practitioners to experienced artists, bookmakers and authors. We believe that story telling lies at the heart of human creative energy. Our mission is to make a space for collective engagement, meaningful critique and reflective inquiry. To know more about our ongoing programmes visit us at www.offsetprojects.in and https://www.instagram.com/offsetprojects or write to us at offsetprojects [@] gmail.com.


The Guftgu Talk Series found its roots in the desire for critical engagement and discussion with practitioners of lens and book based media. Guftgu looks to create programs that allow for open-ended conversations among professionals and artists via panel discussions, artist talks and workshops. The focus of these talks is to expand our education in photography, not just via established names from the Photographic West but also to create our own circles of solidarity and learning and create a stronger voice of representation in the South Asia Region. The talks are carefully curated by Anshika Varma (Founder, Offset Projects) to allow and encourage conversations on photography and its practice, as undertaken by practitioners, curators, researchers and archivists, publishers and critics.

Friday, 26 Nov 2020 | 7.30pm (Cambodia +7GMT) (6.00pm IST)
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Photography Groups: Taking Initative

In a time of crisis, how do we come together as a community in solidarity? What does it take to start a campaign? How do you decide who to help? We invite four photography collectives and groups in Asia to share their experience of creating initiatives and events to help others in their community. From print sales to mentorship programmes, they will share the lessons learnt, and, hopefully inspire you to do the same.

The Confluence Collective is a way of building a space / a platform where photographers from the region can share their work freely and express their own voices. The larger goal is to also be able to bridge the gap that exists in the discourse of understanding the region – its uniqueness and identity – through the medium of visual storytelling and in this way, build new forms of knowledge and newer narratives. Through the showcasing of one’s work, this is also an attempt to share our stories with the world outside. We hope to foster a creative community by nurturing emerging photographers through regular workshops, programmes and critical dialogues.


Established in 2003, Objectifs is a visual arts space in Singapore that is dedicated to film and photography. Our goal is to cultivate original voices in visual storytelling, and to inspire and broaden perspectives through the power of images. We do this by presenting a year round programme of exhibitions, screenings, workshops, talks, mentorships and residencies, aimed at fostering dialogue about visual culture, and advancing the practice and appreciation of photography and film.


Thuma Collective is a group of female photographers from Myanmar who are dedicated to visual storytelling. “Thuma” means “She” in the Myanmar language. The collective was initiated in 2017, with two main missions of

1. Promoting the practice of visual storytelling and amplifying voices through the eyes of women and

2. Inspiring and encouraging women who are interested in photography to use it as a language to tell stories and engage with their world.



Shelter Fund is an initiative launched by Silver, which is the printing arm of Shutterspace Studios. It allows for photographers and artists to submit images for sale as prints. Shelter Fund prepares and processes the files, posts them up on IG, FB and on the Shelter Fund website, and manages the promotion, sales, production and distribution of all sold prints.


Monday, 30 Nov 2020 | 7.00pm (cambodia +7GMT)
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*only zoom participants will participate in the Q&A

artist sharing: Pandemic Projects

The changes we experienced in 2020 has impacted and changed us in a myriad of ways. For those creating new work, how did these changes impact their artistic process? From the personal to the political, we invite our workshop alumni to share with us their projects which were conceptualised and created during the pandemic, and to reflect on their work in a time of disruption and upheaval.

Presenting Photographers: 
Farhana Satu (Bangladesh) > Website + Instagram
Sabrina Dangol
(Nepal) > Instagram + Behance
Gian Cruz (Philippines) >WebsiteInstagram + Link to Work
Wisnu Agung


Tuesday, 1 Dec 2020 | 7.00pm
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Miss the festival’s usual late night haunt and seeing the faces of old friends? Well, call your workshop roommate, bring along your favourite beverage, pull up a comfortable chair, and let’s say hello to familiar faces and meet some new ones! BYOB52s.

This will be a casual Zoom get-together, a chance to catch up, introduce yourselves and just reconnect with one another.  

(PS: There will be a special prize for the most creative outfit we spot on Zoom!)


Wednesday, 2 Dec 2020 | 7.00pm (Cambodia +7GMT)
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*This event will not be livestreamed on Facebook.

artist sharing: Works in progress 

We are usually accustomed to seeing completed projects, but being able to get a peek into the process can be just as revealing and interesting.

If you are currently working on a project, or thinking it might be time to wrap one up, come share your process with us in our special online talk that aims to give the audience a glimpse into the different stages of creating a body of work. Get feedback, seek advice, or simply use us as your sounding board!

Presenting Photographers:
Sharafat Ali (Kashmir)
Eleonore Sok (Cambodia-France)
Jed Bacason (Philippines)
Brian O’Callaghan (Ireland)
Jo Farrell (UK)

Thursday, 3 Dec 2020 | 7.00pm (cambodia +7GMT)

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