2020 Projection Showcases

16th Edition Programme

The projections programme of the 16th Angkor Photo Festival will feature three showcases by three sets of invited guest curators. As a continued commitment to being a space for the promotion of Asian and Majority World curatorial voices, we are proud to be able to share the vision of Dennese Victoria, Swastik Pal, Sadia Marium, Tania Bohóquez and Musuk Nolte.

As international travel is still curtailed, we will be taking our beloved projection evenings into the vast expanse of cyberspace.

All projections will be livestreamed on Facebook, and we encourage you to join us on Zoom for the Q&A after each showcase. 

Even though the whole world is burning

Curated by 
Dennese Victoria (Philippines) & Swastik Pal (India)

Featuring 24 photographers from 14 countries. First broadcast online during the 16th Edition on 28 November 2020.

Words; shouted, blabbered, shattered in between the walls

Curated by
Sadia Marium (Bangladesh)

Featuring 19 photographers from 10 countries. First broadcast online during the 16th Edition on 5 December 2020.

Symptom: Latin America Contemporary Photography

Curated by
Tania Bohórquez (Mexico) & Musuk Nolte (Peru) 

Featuring 12 photographers from 7 countries in Latin America. First broadcast online during the 16th Edition on 29 November 2020.