2019 Activities

Our Afternoon Sessions are held daily from 4th – 7th December 2019 from 2pm – 5pm at our Festival Centre (My Cargo) and are open to the public and free to attend. From artist talks to pop-up workshops and photobook discussions, check in on this page as we update you on the details of all the activities coming your way. 

Portfolio Reviews

DATES: 4 – 7 December 2019
VENUE: Festival Centre (My Cargo)
TIME: 10.00am [Registration opens]  / 10.30am – 12.30pm [Reviews]

Our free portfolio reviews are conducted by industry professionals, including editors, curators and photographers from all over the world who volunteer their expertise and advice. 

  • December 4th: Open Table Session

An informal session limited to 20 photographers to show and display their work for open critique and discussion, the session is open to the public, reviewers and all attending photographers to  and the public to show their work and for open critique or discussion.

  • December 5th – 7th: One-on-one Review Session

Registration for time slots with our rotating panel of portfolio reviewers begins at 10am on a first-come-first served basis. Each review lasts between 15 – 20 mins.

Preparing your Portfolio

  • Prepare your print or digital portfolio in advance.
  • Keep your edit of each work concise (15 – 20 images) and sequenced, with a wider edit available upon request.

Portfolio Reviewers[*Updated Nov 21st. More to be announced]

  • Rachael Strecher, Director, Storytelling Grants & Fellowship, National Geographic

  • Hsia Yi Wen, Exhibition Manager & Curator, World Press Photo Foundation
  • Mladen Antonov, Southeast Asia Photo Chief, APF
  • Manan Vatsyayana, Chief Photographer (Mekong), AFP
  • Eugenia Falqui, Photography Editor, International Committee of the Red Cross
  • Sudhanshu Malholtra, Multimedia Editor, Greenpeace International
  • Coline Plancon, Freelance Producer, Photo Editor & Consultant. Formerly with Magnum.
  • Gabriel Gauffre, Freelance Photographer

Photobooks Corner

DATES: 4th – 7th December 2019
VENUE: Festival Center (My Cargo)
TIME: 10.00am – 6.00pm

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to view and buy some incredible photo books from photographers all around the region. Our photo book corner at the Workshop Center is open to all to come by to browse the books on display – with many available for sale! (Books indicated with pricing are for sale.) 

Rony Zakaria, Indonesia –Men, Mountains and the Sea” 

Sohrab Hura, India – The Coast

Matca Collective, Vietnam – “Maket 01: A Vietnamese Photography Village” 

Kenji Mercado, Philippines – Sa Aking Pag-Alis (On My Departure)”  (USD10)

Yu Yu Myint Than, Myanmar –Memory Lane” (Handmade by artist, limited edition. USD100)

Yu Yu Myint Than, Myanmar –Jigsaw” (USD50)

Thuma Collective, Myanmar“Us and Them” (USD$35)

Thuma Collective, Myanmar – “Bridging the Naf”  (The outcome of creative collaboration between 12 artists from Myanmar and Bangladesh, available for photobook swap! Email at thuma.collective@gmail.com with your name and the name of phtobook you want to swap with us. Your swapped photobook will be empowered to Myanmar Deitta Photobook library in Yangon.)



(More to be announced. Sign up with us at info@angkor-photo.com if you’d like to display/sell your photobook.).

[ More to be announced. ] 

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