Angkor Photo Festival & Workshops

16th Edition
Siem Reap, Cambodia 


What have you been looking at?
What have you seen?

Our workshop alumni Dennese Victoria and Swastik Pal join forces as co-curators and invite you to submit work for a slideshow projection for the 16th Angkor Photo Festival & Workshops.

Angkor Photo Workshops

The core of our event, the annual Angkor Photo Workshops is a free workshop for emerging Asian photographic talents, focused on nurturing each individual’s unique vision and approach to the medium of photography. In today’s world, where the commercialisation of education is fast becoming the dominant model, we believe it is important for us to remain an affordable option for those seeking access to professional education and development.

[Updated Covid-10 Travel Advisory to Cambodia]


Dear friends,

Siem Reap’s sizzling month of April is usually the time of the year when we start looking forward to receiving applications for our workshops. 

With the uncertainty and challenges brought by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our organising committee has deliberated and we will press on with preparations for our 16th Edition this November. The workshops are planned to be held from 18 – 24 November 2020, followed by the public festival from 24 – 29 November 2020. 

However, we will be tweaking our schedules to allow for the current situation. The workshop’s annual Call for Applications will now be postponed to the end of May 2020. In the meantime, you can check out our tutors and start getting familiar with our application guidelines here. 

We will continue updating you about our plans as we continue to monitor and assess the situation. Soon, we will also sharing a list available resources for photographers on how to navigate work and stay safe during the crisis, financial grant possibilities, and other initiatives aimed at media professionals.

To those of you who are continuing to document the unfolding crisis, we thank you for your dedication and commitment. Please stay safe. 

To our community of photographers and supporters, we urge you to care for your own physical and mental health, and if possible, to offer your presence and support to your community.

The pandemic has placed–and will continue to place–an intense magnifying glass on long-standing issues of inequality, privilege and the devastating failures of plutocracy and a global capitalist system which prizes profit over everything else.

We will continue to support our community as best we can. Afterall, “A society must assume that it is stable, but the artist must know, and he must let us know, that there is nothing stable under heaven.” *  

Stay safe, see you soon.

Jessica Lim

* Baldwin, James. (1962). The Creative Process. The Price of the Ticket: Collected Nonfiction. 


Open Call Curation by Workshop Alumni

Open Call Curation by Workshop Alumni

What have you been looking at? What have you seen? Our workshop alumni Dennese Victoria and Swastik Pal join forces as co-curators and invite you to submit work for their slideshow projection to be shown at the 16th edition of the Angkor Photo ... More >

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COVID-19 Travel Advisory to Cambodia

COVID-19 Travel Advisory to Cambodia

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