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Laurent Weyl / Collectif Argos

Cette piscine situee sur le toit de l?immeuble n?est plus entretenue depuis le depart des Americains. Seul Mr Dung y a aujourd?hui acces afin d?entretenir quotidiennement les citernes d?eau. Pour y acceder, il faut atteindre le 12eme etage ou se trouvait la salle de danse des Gi?s, aujourd?hui a l?abandon. Le 30 avril 1975, ce toit a servi de piste d?atterrissage pour les helicopteres qui embarquaient les derniers militaires americains en fuite.

President Hotel

An imposing construction built for the US army in the ‘70s, the President Hotel was for years the biggest and most modern building in Saigon. Nearly 3,000 people lived in it at one time. This decaying architectural carcass will soon be destroyed to make room for modern towers and malls. Time runs layer after layer in this building. Its dilapidated walls hold signs of past lives, visually inspiring memories and elucidate moods and emotion. Here we discover a microcosm that bears witness to the last fifty years of Vietnamese history.

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