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Gihan Tubbeh


Vertigo is inhaled upon excess. The explosion of reality arises upon an anguish born under the physical encounter with things. Little happens on the ground, only from time to time emerges a horse, a soaring bird, a busting wave overcomes, a building piles up, a sky catches fire, a house goes into ruin. A life collapses, thenceforth elevates.

Vertigo at the intensity, vertigo by contrasts. So beautiful to feel threatened? An overmuch of silence, that overwhelms? The concentration of emptiness, that overfills?
The desert welcomes and expulses; beauty empowers and frightens.
Vertigo is intensified at the sight: the majesty of the waves, the sound of the wind, the sculptural forms of fire.
There is no time: everything is happening and every moment is stopped: breathless.

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