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To view the available communication materials for each Edition, navigate to the section below by clicking on the Edition’s poster. 

All publications can also be viewed directly on our ISSUU page.

13th Edition

12th Edition

11th Edition


10th Edition


9th Edition


8th Edition


7th Edition


6th Edition


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11th Edition

2015 Minutes [ EN ]

2015 Minutes [ FR ]

2015 Press Review

2015 Catalogue

2015 Press Images Catalogue

2015 Programme Preview

2015 Artist Texts

2015 Projections Day-by-Day

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10th Edition

2014 Minutes [EN]

2014 Minutes [FR]

2014 Press Review

2014 Catalogue

2014 Press Images Catalogue

2014 Programme Preview

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9th Edition

2013 Minutes [EN]

2013 Minutes [FR]

2013 Press Review

2013 Catalogue

2013 Projections Day-by-Day

2013 Press Images Catalogue

2013 Programme Preview

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8th Edition

2012 Minutes [EN]

2012 Minutes [FR]

2012 Press Review

2012 Press Images Catalogue

2012 Programme Preview

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7th Edition

2011 Minutes [EN]

2011 Minutes [FR]

2011 Press Review

2011 Press Images Catalogue

2011 Programme Preview

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6th Edition

2010 Minutes [EN]

2010 Minutes [FR]

2010 Press Review

2010 Projections Day-by-Day

2010 Press Images Catalogue

2010 Programme Preview

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