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Ruom Hangout [Afternoon Session]

December 11, 2015 @ 2:00 pm
Official Workshop & Festival Centers



Ruom Hangout is an open floor to present work and exchange ideas.

Facilitated by Ruom, an organic collaboration between photographers, journalists, videographers, and researchers, drawn together by a passion for social documentary work.

– Nicolas Axelrod (Ruom) will present his book Transitioning Cambodia and talk about the collaborative approach and crowd funding (10min)

– Thomas Cristofoletti (Ruom) and Antoine Raab (Ruom) will talk about their latest collective multimedia project on climate change effecting the indigenous Kuy community in Pray Lang, one of the latest Cambodian forest. (10min)

– Hannah Reyes (Ruom) will talk about her work on domestic workers in the Philippines. (10min)

– Luc Forsyth (Ruom), Gareth Bright and Pablo Chavanel will present their long term project ‘A River’s tail’ and discuss how two photographers and a videographer are documenting the Mekong together. (10min)

– After this the floor is open to people who want to present their work, followed by a group discussion.
If you are interested in showing your work, please send you proposal to the email address [email protected]





Thomas Cristofoletti
Hailing from the Italian Alps, Thomas Cristofoletti has been working in Southeast Asia as a humanitarian photographer and videographer for the last four years.
Based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, he’s also the co-founder of RUOM, a collective of journalists specializing in social reportage throughout Asia.
Especially passionate about climate change, Thomas’ long-term project focuses on the effects of development on the Mekong region.

Nicolas Axelrod
I have been working as a freelance photographer and photojournalist in Southeast Asia since 2008. Before which I was living and working in Perth, Western Australia as a Freelance Photographer as well as for a Perth based commercial photography agency. I have worked for international humanitarian organisations such as UNICEF, Human Rights Watch, CARE, Amnesty International, Action Aid, UNESCO and Handicap International.

Hannah Reyes
Hannah (b. 1990) is a documentary and travel photographer from the Philippines. She is represented by National Geographic Creative and a member of Cambodia-based Ruom Collective.
Her work has seen her cover the illicit production of an ecstasy precursor in Cambodia’s Cardamom Mountains, document in the crossfire of Manila shanty demolitions, create a moving visual dialogue with a sex worker, and examine the quickly changing world of Mongolia’s steppe.

Luc Forsyth
Luc Forsyth is a freelance photojournalist and writer who explores the complex relationships and conflicts between culture, politics, and the environment. He typically focuses on humanitarian and environmental issues, and through a combination of still images and the written word he brings international attention to stories that are often underreported by the mainstream media.

Ying Ang
Based between Melbourne, Singapore and New York, Ying Ang has exhibited internationally in group and solo shows from New York to Arles, in addition to working for clients such as the Wall Street Journal and Das Magazin. She most recently published her artist book, Gold Coast, which has won the New York Photo Festival and Encontros Da Imagem book prize for 2014. A member of the MJR creative collective, Ying is currently a part of the teaching faculty at The International Centre of Photography in New York and the Photography Studies College in Melbourne, Australia.

Zoe Flood
Zoe Flood is a Nairobi-based multimedia journalist and producer, covering security, humanitarian and development issues across Africa, as well as business, travel and culture.
She has contributed in multiple formats – including video, audio, photo and text – to leading international media such as the Guardian, the New York Times, BBC, CNN, AJE and National Geographic. She has also produced multimedia content for non-profits such as Human Rights Watch and UNHCR.
She previously worked for the International Crisis Group and the humanitarian news service IRIN, and is Secretary of the Foreign Correspondents’ Association of East Africa.

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