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December 8, 2016 @ 6:00 pm
Festival Zone

Projection Evening Events / Festival Zone 


© Eleanore Sok

6.00pm / ‘Phnom Penh, A City By Night’

Showcase of ‘Phnom Penh, A City By Night’, in the presence of Chantal Stoman and the workshop participants.

Chantal Stoman’s work focuses on the humanity hidden in the heart of major cities. She continued her project LOST HIGHWAY with VIEWS, in which we find ‘Phnom Penh, A City By Night’. Chantal Stoman, invited by the French Institute in Phnom Penh to become an artist in residence worked with local emerging photographers and students of Studio Images on the ‘Phnom Penh, A City By Night’ workshop, with the aim of helping them to capture their home city by night and rediscover their environment.

Project realised through a residency at Studio Images, on invitation from the French Institute in Phnom Penh, and sponsored by Cambodia Airports.

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The Bambu Stage Theatre Presents ‘SNAP!’
Join us for a journey through Cambodian history told via photography.

150 years ago, the very first photographs were taken of the temples of Angkor. We honour that age by creating a multimedia presentation that leads you through the country’s photographic history with live music, special effects and shorts from old movies.

Presented by local restaurateur and keen historian Seng Leng, SNAP! is an emotional experience as you see and hear the stories of royalty, temples, bicycles and elephants, parties and war and personal memories unique to Cambodia.

Leng has spent months sifting through photographic libraries, spending time at the Wat Damnak Centre for Khmer Studies and asking friends who have their own collections to map the larger arc of Cambodia’s modern history through the photographer’s lens.

Working with Bambu Stage, he has assembled a montage of images and short archival film clips to group them into themes to trace Cambodia’s history from colonialism to independence, the Khmer Rouge struggles and finally, to an era of peace.



© Daesung Lee

7.30pm / Festival Projections Programme /
Guest Curator Showcase, We Alter Nature

Our 2016 Guest Curator Claudia Hinterseer presents 15 eye-opening photography projects examining human impact on the environment in the showcase, ‘We Alter Nature’.



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