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Human/Nature [Afternoon Session]

December 7, 2015 @ 2:00 pm
Official Workshop & Festival Centers

Human, nature and technology in art.
Talk by Pirkko Siitari

Art provides an opportunity to enter in to the social and political discussions.
Nature is a topical issue. The artists are exploring it`s global and local, political and social, and ecological and ethical aspects.

How contemporary artists are dealing with the relation between human, nature and technology and how artists respond to ecological and environmental issues in the time of global warming? Questions like deforestation, over-use of natural resources, effects of climate change and man`s control over nature are the focus. The examples are taken from Finnish art and the talk is also related to the lecturers`s experience of working for a photo workshop in Ban Lung in Ratanakiri, Cambodia.

Pirkko Siitari is currently working as an indenpendent curator based in Helsinki. She just finished her five year term as the director of Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art. Before taking up her position as director, she worked as a chief curator of Kiasma. In the years 2004-2008 she was the director of Kerava Art Museum and 1999-2004 she worked as the chief curator of Finnish Museum of Photography. In the 90`s she worked as the director of Northern Photographic Centre in Oulu for nine years.

Her many curatorial projects include for example Robert Mapplethorpe (Kiasma 2015), Alfredo Jaar (Kiasma 2014), ARS11 Africa in Contemporary Art (Kiasma 2011), Common Things – Finnish and Swedish Contemporary Art (Kiasma 2010), Tracking Traces, Kiasma collection exhibition (Kiasma 2009), It`s a Set Up, Kiasma collection exhibition (Kiasma 2010) Black and White – Japanese Photography (Ateneum Art Museum 2008).


sponsored by Frame Visual Art Finland

pirkko session web1

Jukka Järvinen, from the series Landscape in East, 2015

pirkko session web2

Jukka Järvinen, from the series Landscape in East, 2015

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