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[ 13th Edition Anjali Photo Workshops ] 

Victoria Dennese


Sopheak Vong


Andrea Fernandes


Roun Ry


Kim Hak


Sophal Neak



Anshika Varma


Sayon Soun




Victoria Dennese (Philippines)

Dennese Victoria (1991) is a visual artist based in the Philippines. Working across photography, moving image and installation, her work touches on truth, memory and personal history.
 [ TOP ]

Roun Ry (Cambodia)

2010 Anjali Photo Workshops Alumni
2016 Angkor Photo Workshops Alumni

A self-taught photographer based in his hometown of Siem Reap, Cambodia, Roun Ry’s interest in the medium began when he first participated in the annual Anjali Photo Workshops in 2010, organised by the non-profit Angkor Photo Festival & Workshops. Since then, his passion for photography has motivated him to learn as much as possible about the craft. In 2016, he was one of the selected participants of the professional Angkor Photo Workshops. [ TOP ]

Anshika Varma (India)

2010 Angkor Photo Workshops Alumni
Anshika is a freelance documentary photographer, whose photographs are a means of exploring social and cultural changes in structures within communities.
She has conducted art therapy programs for children from challenging social and economic strata and she is one of our main tutors since 2013. [ TOP ]

Sopheak Vong (Cambodia)

2015 Angkor Photo Workshops Alumni
After being an Interior Design student of Royal University Of Fine Art (Phnom Penh, Cambodia), Sopheak started photography with his first workshop with Kim Hak, in Studio Images (French Insitute of Cambodia) in 2013. Then, he joined several workshops, such as Photo Clinic workshop 2013 with Anne Holmes; Intermediate photography class with Phann Phearith; I-Qlick Cambodia, Photo Clinic workshop 2014 with Vincent Soyez; International Photo Clinic workshop 2015 with Herbie Yamaguchi in Japan; and Photo Phnom Penh Festival workshop with Patricia Lanza. His story ‘Darkness’ has been exhibited in Photo Phnom Penh 2013 and his work ‘Unconcealed’ has been showed at Royal University of Fine Art. In 2015, he has been selected to join the Angkor Photo Professional Workshop: his series ‘Bound’ has been selected amongst the top 5 and showcased on Invisible Photographer Asia’s website (Singapore). [ TOP ]

Kim Hak (Cambodia)

2009 Angkor Photo Workshops Alumni
Born in Battambang City, Cambodia, Kim Hak is a full-time photographer whose work brings together storytelling and artistic aesthetic. He has focused on several themes including survivor stories, the funeral of King Sihanouk, architectural documentations and also the changing landscape of his homeland. His work has been featured at art and photography festivals and his portfolio has been featured in several international well-known publications throughout his career. In 2011, he won prize “Residency Program” of Musée du quai Branly, Paris and second prize of Stream Photo Asia in Bangkok. In 2012, he was designated Best Artist in the “Best of Phnom Penh” issue of The Advisor, a weekly Cambodian arts and entertainment magazine. [ TOP ]

Sayon Soun (Cambodia)

2015 Angkor Photo Workshops Alumni
Born on April 1986 in Battambang province, Sayon Soun became interested in photography in 2008. He attended photography classes at the Frenh Institute of Cambodia, and other workshops, such as the Photo Phnom Penh Workshop by Patrica Lanza or the Angkor Photo Workshop. In 2015, he won the 1st prize of the Canon Photo Marathon in Phnom Penh, and has been exhibited at the Frenh Institute of Cambodia in 2015 and 2016. He is passionate about telling story through documentary, conceptual and artistic work. [ TOP ]

Andrea Fernandes (India)

Andrea Fernandes is a photographic artist. Her practice is rooted in exploring the construction and representation of sexuality and gender. In 2010, she completed her Master’s Degree in Photographic Studies at University of Westminster, London. Since 2012, Fernandes has worked as a curator of photography focussing on performative interventions and site specific installations. In 2015, Fernandes, along with four photographers, co-founded BIND, an experimental collective interested in developing original practices and using inventive forms of engagement with the medium. She is one of the mentors of the Anjali Workshops during Angkor Photo festival, Cambodia and currently teaches Critical Thinking in Photography at Ècole intuit.lab, Mumbai. Fernandes has been commissioned for artistic projects in India by Goethe Institute, Project 88, Studio X, Focus Photography Festival, Wellcome Trust and Photoworks in UK. [ TOP ]

Sophal Neak (Cambodia)

2013 Angkor Photo Workshops Alumni
Neak Sophal is a conceptual photographer, considered as one of the emerging talents of the Cambodian art scene. Her works highlight social issues and specificities of the Cambodian culture, with a strong focus on the stories and memories of her models. Trained as a graphic designer at the Phnom Penh Royal University for the Arts, she always prepares the composition of her photographs by asking the model to pose [ TOP ]

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