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Angkor Photo Festival & Workshops

The longest-running photography event in Southeast Asia, the Angkor Photo Festival & Workshops’s mission is to nurture Asia’s photographic community by providing an affordable, accessible and self-sustainable platform for professional development and education.

In providing the space for the continued growth of a vibrant and dynamic photographic community in Asia, we also seek to encourage the ongoing development of Asian perspectives to the medium and language of photography.

Our programming objectives are to focus on professional development and education for Asian photographers, prioritise professionals and work from Asia, and to be a space for fostering collaboration and exchange. In addition, our key long-term objective is to create a self-sustainable model which is led by members of the Asian photographic community.

We believe and adhere to the following values: 

  1. To be non-commercial, affordable and accessible to all
  2. To be open to all forms of photography, with an autonomous approach to fostering photography as a language
  3. To maintain a horizontal organisational structure and an emphasis on collective
  4. To be socially responsible actors in the community of Siem Reap

The Angkor Photo Association is a non-profit cultural association registered under 1901 Law in France. All our events are free to attend, and open to the public.


Jessica Lim is the newly-appointed director of the annual Angkor Photo Festival & Workshops, which she first joined in 2010. Prior to this, she started as a journalist in Singapore before transitioning to serving as a photo and news editor for Drik (Dhaka, Bangladesh), and remains a staunch advocate for equal opportunities for photographers in the majority world. She is currently is a managing partner of One Eleven Gallery in Siem Reap, Cambodia, a gallery showcasing contemporary visual art from around the world.


Kim Hak
Sophal Neak
Roun Ry
Sayon Soun
Sohrab Hura
Sim Chi Yin
Kosuke Okahara
Ian Teh
Andrea Fernandes
Dennese Victoria
Françoise Callier
Jean-Yves Navel

Non-Voting Member: Antoine d’Agata 

Get to know us a little better with this special wrap-up of our 10th Anniversary Edition, held in Siem Reap from 29 Nov – 5 Dec, 2014.

[ Produced & Directed by Mitch Parnes & Lorain J. Delman / Big Fan Productions & Bear Brook Productions ]


Neak Sophal is a conceptual photographer and considered as one of the emerging talents of the Cambodian art scene. Her works highlight social issues and specificities of the Cambodian culture, with a strong focus on the stories and memories of her models. Trained as a graphic designer at the Phnom Penh Royal University for the Arts, she always prepares the composition of her photographs by asking the model to pose, sometimes with specific objects.

  • Kim Hak     Photographer – Cambodia

Kim Hak’s work brings together storytelling and artistic aesthetic. Hak has focused on several themes including survivor stories, the funeral of King Sihanouk, architectural documentations and also the changing landscape of his homeland. His work has been featured at many art and photography festivals and exhibited in Europe and all across Asia. In 2011, he won prize “Residency Program” of Musée du quai Branly, Paris and second prize of Stream Photo Asia in Bangkok.

  • Roun Ry     Photographer – Cambodia

Roun Ry’s photography interest began when he first participated in the annual Anjali Photo Workshops in 2010. Ry has built a photographic identity through familiar themes, documenting, mainly in B&W, the daily life of poor families, living in slums in the outskirts of towns or in rural areas of Cambodia. His works has been shown in selected festivals such as Tbilisi Photo Festival and Indian Photography Festival.

Training at Institut Francais du Cambodge, Angkor Photo Festival & Workshops and other workshops, Sayon Soun discovered a deep interest for photography in 2008. Soun is now a professional photographer passionate about storytelling through documentary, conceptual and artistic work.

Sim Chi Yin focuses on history, memory and migration through the mediums of photography and new media. The Nobel Peace Prize photographer for 2017, her photo and video work has been exhibited in museums, galleries, and photo and film festivals in Asia, the United States and Europe. She does commissioned work for global publications, such as The New York Times Magazine, Time, National Geographic, The New Yorker and Harpers. Chi Yin was, among others, the inaugural Magnum Foundation Human Rights and Photography fellow at New York University in 2010, and a finalist for the W. Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography in 2013.

  • Sohrab Hura / Magnum Photos     Photographer – India

Sohrab Hura started with dreams of growing up and becoming a dog, which later turned to becoming a superhero and then to a veterinarian to a herpetologist to becoming a wildlife filmmaker. Today he is a photographer, after having completed his master’s in economics. In 2014, he was named a nominee of Magnum Photos.

  • Ian Teh / Panos Pictures     Photographer – Malaysia/UK

Mainly focused on environmental, social and political issues, Ian Teh explores society’s history and transformation through human action and impact. He has published three monographs, Undercurrents (2008), Traces (2011) and Confluence (2014). His work has been published internationally in distinguished magazines such as Time, The New Yorker, GEO and Granta. Since 2013, he has exhibited as well as conducted masterclasses at Obscura Festival of Photography. Teh is a member of Panos Pictures agency.

Alternating between news reporting and long-term personal projects, Kosuke Okahara initial forays led him to Sudan, Burma, China, as well as Colombia, a project which he is only now at the point of completion. He also works in his native country. In 2004, he began ‘Ibasyo’, a long-term photographic essay on adolescent self-mutilation in Japan which received the W. Eugene Smith Fellowship, among others several awards and grants.

Andrea Fernandes is a photographic artist. Her practice is rooted in exploring the construction and representation of sexuality and gender. In 2010, she completed her Master’s Degree in Photographic Studies at University of Westminster, London, and currently teaches Critical Thinking in Photography at Ècole intuit.lab, Mumbai. In 2015, Fernandes, co-founded BIND, an experimental photography oriented Collective, and has been Fernandes has been commissioned for artistic projects by several institutions.

Dennese Victoria (1991) is a visual artist based in the Philippines. Working across photography, moving image and installation, her work touches on truth, memory and personal history.

  • Jean-Yves Navel, Co-founder    France/Cambodia

Co-founder of the festival, Jean-Yves Navel is a graduate of Fine Arts in Lyon, France. After a career in international business in Africa, Argentina and the Caribbean, he moved to Cambodia, where he has lived since 1998.

  • Françoise Callier, Anjali Photo Workshop Coordinator    Belgium

Françoise Callier has made it her life mission to promote and highlight photographic talent, she is now curator for many photography festivals around the world. Previously, she worked for 15 years at 2e Bureau as a photographers’ agent, working alongside Helmut Newton, Jean-Paul Goude, Max Vadukul and many others. Together with Sylvie Grumbach, she handled the press promotions of Visa pour l’image in Perpignan, France, and was also the French correspondent for Corbis from 1995 to 1998.

Finding himself in New York in 1990, Antoine D’Agata pursued an interest in photography by taking courses at the International Center of Photography, where his teachers included Larry Clark and Nan Goldin. Photographer of wanderings, social margins have always been the driving force of his creativity. His first books of photographs, De Mala Muerte and Mala Noche, were published in 1998, and the following year Galerie VU’ began distributing his work. In 2001 he published Hometown, and won the Niépce Prize for young photographers. Since then, he continued to publish regularly books. In 2004, D’Agata joined Magnum Photos.



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