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  • Soumya_6th_63Daily Digest: Closing Night

    What an incredible way to close the 10th Angkor Photo Festival & Festival! On December 6th, under the glow of the full moon, hundreds streamed onto the grounds of the riverside gardens across from the Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor to join us for our finale evening.

  • Angkor Photo FestivalDaily Digest: December 5

  • Soumya_2nd_29Angkor Photo Workshops: Behind The Scenes

    We arrived at a deserted amusement park just outside Siem Reap with Peter Teh, a participant of this year’s 10th Angkor Photo Workshops.

    “Once it is dusk, the park will come to life and there will be many people here,” he told us as he waved at some of the workers setting up the rides at…

  • Soumya_1st_70Guest Speaker Max Pam: December 5 Projection

    By Yong Yen Nie

    Australian photographer Max Pam has a wanderlust that does not extinguish. At the age of 20, he landed in Singapore for the trip of his lifetime, traveling by land all the way to London, and traversing the most remote parts of India and Pakistan on the way.


  • Photographer Zeng Nian by his exhibition along the Siem Reap River © Soumyadip GhoshZeng Nian: Remembering the Three Gorges Dam

    Zeng Nian’s images in the body of work ‘A Quiet River: Construction of the Three Gorges Dam’ are sultry, panoramic spreads on China whom many consider as art photography. But to Zeng, he is a documentarian at heart.

    His exhibition will open at 6.00PM today along the riverside across from…

  • Hanunuo-Mangyan elderJose Raymond Panaligan at E.F.E.O.

    As a photographer documenting a social issue, Phillippines-based Jose Raymond Panaligan (b. 1969) believes he should be emotionally invested in the story.

    In 1992, Jose started his career in photojournalism and began photographing the Mangyans, an indigenous group made up of seven tribes, who…


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